scotttish stories

  • Crap Ghosts by Gavin Inglis


    The title Crap Ghosts amuses me no end. In a way the complete output of the Living Channel could fit the description Crap Ghosts, as could the majority of recent ghost stories, when stripped of their humour and other contemporary padding. There is a philosophical difference between a crap ghost and a proper ghost, and it is all in the telling. A crap ghost is not a crap ghost story; it’s just that in our spiritless times, all ghosts are to an extent crap, unfashionable as they are. Crap Ghosts is first and foremost the title of a Gavin Inglis book that I bought a long time ago, and have just pullled out to read again.  I'm glad I did.

  • Fugitive Bullets

    Fugitive Bullets, you can tell from the cover, is out for fun. 

    This you spot from the fact that the writers are together described as electrophalluciphysicians, (one of the few search terms on the internet that throws up no less than zero results) and may refer to the fact that aside from their other commonalities, the writers here published are all experimentally or underground Scots blokes.