The Epic Volumes Guestbook is a place where you can partake of infodumping, causal commentry, and the saying of the word 'Hello' in your own or another language.  The Guestbook is also a handy spot where you may leave links to any sites which feature volumes of epic proportions, or mere volumes of passing interest.

It's easy to do.  You'll see that all you need do is input your name, real or false, include your email and any other details you wish.  Your name doesn't need to be real and we will never contact you using your email, nor divulge it to anyone.  That's an Epic Volumes promise. Between you and me, your email address doesn't even need to be real, but just needs to present in the form of an email address ....

If you are feeling so inclined then post a picture or a YouTube video, as per the icons available, and with that done, you will need to answer the anti-spambot question to prove that while you are still a machine, you are at least a biologically based apparatus. 

At the present time you are only able to leave ONE link for each entry on the Epic Volumes Guestbook.  Your email and I.P. will not be published! Ihre E-Mail und I.P. wird nicht veröffentlicht!

If you want to know the answer to the required question 'Who wrote Zadig?' the answer is Voltaire.

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