posie rider

by Posie Rider

Once upon a time poets could chose to punctuate or not, or they could choose to drop the capital letters if that was their inclination, in the style first associated with poetic caps cop ee cummings.

The more IMS and irrupted text that passes before us, the more possibilities arise and poets tap into this in seconds and produce polygluttonous inventions like Posie Rider.

The mix is contemporary - bankerites (City Break) cake, festivals, alcohol, and poetry found in teacups, petals, beads and stones, and comment threads.

'Droppin’ creased chocolate foliage along roads for grief-mothers to chase' (Suited francophile) sounded like the stoned introductions I used to enjoy Chris Morris making on Radio 1’s Blue Jam.

Three times I read City Break and still I couldn’t make head nor tail of it. In the third reading it occurred to me - Posie Rider must be a great poet-performer and meaning will spring to being when this work is read aloud. I read some of the poems aloud and the results were dramatic; the poems were dramatic.

Confrontational but not violent, nonsensical but who needs sense anyway? And poetic if you or one of your pets speak them out aloud. A sock puppet has recorded one of Posie Rider poem’s and you can see the results on YouTube here or embedded on peterburnett.info. It was obvious that a sock puppet should read the poem as the sock puppet is more photogenic than Burnett.

For now, there is no fourth reading of City Break Weekend Songs, but I cannot consider that a failure on be part of the author who describes herself as so-o-o close to finishing her first psychosis memoir that she’s just going to say it’s finished. That was funny, and so was the collection, ha ha and peculiar, and now I can put it away and return to the mundane, to the prosaic, to the quotidian, to everything that this is not.