Despite the promise of a truly epic title Sex and Satanism by Brad Steiger didn’t turn out to be very good, but at least he (or his publisher) sell a damn good book.

Fortunately the book is slight, and you’ll start skimming immediately. Delving into the Inquisition’s sexual tortures and the Beautiful Heretics and Sadistic Satanists out there, Brad Steiger's arguments if there are any are lost in anticipation of horrors that do not come, despite constant promises. 

Still, one can’t knock Brad Steiger and this is a man who claims to have written his first book when he was seven years old, and has published 162 books with over 17 million copies in print, including the biography of Rudolf Valentino, later made into a feature film by British director Ken Russell.

From 1970-1973 Steiger wrote a weekly newspaper column, The Strange World Of Brad Steiger. He has authored over 2000 newspaper columns and website and he and his wife are all beautiful, and he had enough sense and library access in 1969 to get this strange and yet unfulfilling book off the ground. With Internet access, we are all spoiled for sex and satanism, and there are always movies which unite these two themes, in many vulgar and still edifying ways.

A guy like Brad Steiger, a kind of US Colin Wilson, isn’t going down without a fight however, and he continues to write about the unexplained and so forth, largely on a website which hosts Mysteries and Miracles.   His more recent works include the strange facts of fluke lightning strikes, lotteries, and Lourdes, and his belief that miracles really do happen.   His paranormal research is ongoing and much sought after.

He’s also collected Fortean Americana on a legendary scale, and is the man (with Sherry) to see  about angelic interventions, surviving airplane crashes and cataclysmic natural disasters, medical miracles, amazing sea rescues, miracles on the highway, and near-death experiences. 

Steiger has a weird story about how a sky diver plummeted more than 4,000 feet and walked away with only a cut, how a mother and her children ride out a tornado atop an airborne mattress and survive, and how a group of dolphins rescued a swimmer from a shark attack. 

As you can see then, we have here a go-to guy on a helluva lot of essential topics, and an educator of millions.