By The Two Brothers

Lurid Critical Document and Bad Press. 

Finite Love proves that whatever you write you can’t help but meaning something. 

Finite Love also proves that ‘all / pez doth emerge from  a salsa / fez oracle,’ (PREFACE).

A poem titled with the braille letter G, either that or the Gregg’s logo:

oh I loved a lass,
& I loved her sae well,
all others I left
weeping in Hell.

Finite Love is what you get when poets meld with their computers in a kind of drooling lost-in-space type of communion brought on by the endless strange text permutations the computer inevitably bombards them with. Check this (Love Poem):

Our blushes are bushfire in Borges’ library.
I pray for a fireangel to put it out
& a minor one is sent but
he is killed & et by a dust mite.
I play myself.  the dust mite plays itself.
the angel is played by Sean Connery who
has difficulty w/ the line
‘she sells sea shells
to Slobodan Milosovich.’

Ye cannae help but be struck; left swipe, right, Finite Love never settles, or should I say, never allows its reader to settle.

Of great note, given that the poems are not immediately sense-inducing, is the Preface to Finite Love, which is called Reasons Not To Publish.  These Reasons Not To Publish are the reason indeed to hold a copy of this chapbook.  There are 39 Reasons altogether and they hit the mark as they’re not quite polemic, and they’re not quite poetry either.  Merely, for example:  (10) We want our peers working in a similar mode to flourish (or more generally, want them to take receipt of the visibility back-flow, whatever it is); and (28) A kind of ‘chastity fetish’: we delay until we involuntarily and in a frenzy visibly jet our texts.  For pleasure, for instance; and (31) More generally, we don’t trust ourselves to be as virtuous after we publish the texts.

I love these Reasons Not To Publish. Theoretically they stand as something timeless to all of the writing and publishing process, and in terms of presentation, they are phrased beautifully and ponder very well.  The rest is love, and love poetry, and although the poetry is dedicated to 66 initialled individuals, the Reasons Not To Publish are for the rest of us, and will keep all artists and publishing folk interested amused for a long time to come, given that the basic rules and problems of publishing and writing are not set to go away.  Check out Critical Documents for more.